Our Values

We believe that to achieve optimal health, we must make a commitment to care for our mind, body and spirit. An emphasis on our bodies since it is the easiest to cater to regardless of the financial difficulties one may face. 

We believe that every individual, regardless of gender, age, disability, economic status, religion or sexual orientation has the responsibility to be educated about menstruation and realization this is a universal topic that has no discrimination grounds.

We believe that all people who menstruate should be accorded respect, dignity and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma, prejudice and discrimination. 

We believe in the respect for the uniqueness of everyone who menstruates and their biological potential.

We believe that families, caregivers, teachers, community members, etc. should have access to support services and educational tools to better understand and cope with their community’s needs to cater to those that menstruate. 

We believe in using evidence to inform our work.

We believe in working collaboratively and partnering with individuals, organisations and agencies.

We believe in transparency, accountability and good governance.