Our Mission

Our Mission

The Madeleine Mukashema Foundation is committed to raising awareness on the African continent about: 

  1. Menstrual equity and literacy
  2. Ethical manufacturing/distribution of sanitary periods products, 
  3. Girls’ education and 
  4. Provide policy recommendations surrounding menstruations. 

MMF is dedicated to empower Rwandese girls in the Western province of Rwanda through menstrual/periods education, sanitary products (as well as personals like bras and underwear) distribution, provision of a safe girls-only space for girls at the Groupe Scolaire Kiziguro Protestant school, access to water and soap on the school compound, as we raise understanding of the realities of menstruation and fertility among African women (and those that identify as such) and young girls.

To lead by example, we have started a pilot project to:

  1. Build a safe space for girls at the Groupe Scolaire Kiziguro Protestant school, equipped with a toilet, a shower, sanitary products, spare clothes, and a private space to change and rest. These safe spaces ensure that girls don’t have to fear the embarrassment of stains on their clothes, and boys in their class bullying them about it, which stops them from going to school.
  2. Start a computer literacy skills to give the girls a kick start on acquiring skills that they can use in order to be competitive in the job market in Rwanda
  3. Hiring at least one nurse at the school compound during school hours, to answer any questions that girls’ who get their menstruation for the first time while at school, might have, as well as educate them about the proper sanitation that comes with their journey into womanhood. 
  4. Starting a mentorship community initiative where a select and willing number of women in a community will be empowered so that they can pass on their knowledge about the safe practices of their cultural beliefs about menstruation, to allow the safe continuity of safe traditions among women in their communities.

“Not all women menstruate and not everyone who menstruates is a woman.”