Our Story, Period.

Led by Heldden, Our story, Period is an initiative started under the Montreal Global Shapers to move the conversation of menstrual equity in the city forward, and to raise awareness around menstruation and fertility issues among women, girls, and those who menstruate. We aim to empower those who menstruate through education, and take action on ethical and accessibility issues by raising awareness and providing policy recommendations.

#EndTheBloodyStigma is a Madeleine Mukashema Foundation initiative.

We are proud to open the menstrual conversation in Montreal, to ask the questions that most of us have but sometimes dismiss, to the detriment of our daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, and everyone around us that menstruates. We are committed to end period stigma.

On menstruation: “It is often not acknowledged as anything. Men just see it as a women’s problem”- Kafil Eyitayo, 2019